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Rocket Bottle Object Lesson

YouTube Channel: ObjectivelyCool

Educational video teaching Children's Ministry teachers to use the Rocket Bottle demonstration as an object lesson for their children's ministry.

Format: Science demonstration as object lesson

My Involvement: Host, Writer, Editor

Iso-Madness Wrestling Specific Muscle Building System

Client: Coach Anton Boggio - Terrace Hawks Wrestling Team

This "infomercial" style video was written and presented by Coach Anton Boggio to introduce isometric exercises to his wrestling team.

Format: Mock Infomercial

My Involvement: Videographer, Editor, Sound Design

Mother's Day Song Sing-a-long

Employer: Mukilteo Foursquare Church

This video was filmed for Mother's Day in 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown. The children of Mukilteo Foursquare were invited sing-a-long with this video to produce the finished montage video which was broadcast on the Mother's Day livestream. 

Format: Composite Video

My Involvement: Guitarist, Surfer Dude, Drummer, Puppeteer, Writer and Editor

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